What is Asymmetries?

Asymmetries sends info about asymmetric payoffs to you every other week.

Why subscribe?

Gain exposure to high upside + limited downside in your portfolio.

Think differently about business and investing.

Subject Matter

Concepts include uncertainty, luck, randomness, expected value, value, leverage, opportunity cost, sunk cost, hidden costs, resource allocation, and fragility.

Info Investing

Information is one of the best investments you can make.

What do you get?

Research, data, anecdotes, info, insights, and ideas with asymmetries in the market as the central theme.

How does it work?


As soon as you sign up, you immediately get your first asymmetry note (why playing the lottery isn’t an asymmetric payoff).  After that, an asymmetric note is emailed to you every other Monday.

How much?


Monthly subscriptions are $3.  Yearly subscriptions are $24.

The blog.

We’re working on on it right now (April 2019).